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Rowe Enterprises, Inc's vendor network is devised of highly qualified and knowledgeable hard working individuals. We are accepting new applications now. Please fill out the form below to get in contact with one of our company's representatives.

Rowe Enterprises Inc. is looking for additional vendors to complete all levels of property preservation. We are a full-service preservation company that has been in business over 20 years. Rowe Enterprises Inc. manages bank owned properties through all phases of the foreclosure process. Vendors we are looking for will understand the requirements of complete work according to HUD guidelines as well as lean and understand the individual client's requirements and understand the importance of due dates.

Duties include completing assigned work items on work orders. Taking complete and clear sets of photos to document condition, bids, and completion of work. Attention to detail and thoroughness in making sure all items on WO are address is a must. All potential independent vendors will be required to have the following in order to receive work from us:

*Truck & Trailer to haul away debris from properties.
*Full Lawn Equipment to include: Mowers, weed eaters, blowers, etc.
*Must have a Generator, air compressor, and winterization equipment.
*Smartphone/ Tablet or device that can access websites and mobile application while on site completing work order.
*Would prefer experience with Property Preservation Wizard, but is not needed.
*Vendor must have own supply of cleaning products and tools. Must also be able to supply all locksets, padlocks, lockboxes, lumber, building supplies, tarp, and other items needed to complete approved work on work orders.

We have a full in house support staff that are dedicated to helping our independent vendors and clients in reaching the best in completing and updating work.
We pay weekly by direct deposit based on when we are paid by client. We use a discount system as a set rate to our independent vendors.

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